Official Sabbath Debate-Jim Staley vs Chris Rosebrough

Should Christians keep the Sabbath?  Below is a debate that took place that should give hope for the “re-discovery” of truth.

From the youtube channel:

“For the first time ever on a national stage, two pastors take the stage to debate one of the most important theological questions of all time: Should Christians keep the Sabbath? This toe-to-toe debate is going to challenge everything you thought you knew about the Sabbath, as Pastor Jim Staley and Pastor Chris Rosebrough expound on dozens of relevant scriptures and extra-biblical sources to support their stances. This historic event will give you a lot to think about…and it might just change your entire life! Be blessed!

1. Jim Staley’s Opening Statement (8:54)
2. Chris Rosebrough Opening Statement (28:50)
3. Jim Staley 10-minute rebuttal (48:26)
4. Chris Rosebrough 10-minute rebuttal  (58:49)
5. Jim Staley 7-minute rebuttal (1:08:34)
6. Chris Rosebrough 7-minute rebuttal (1:15:53)
7. Jim Staley 10-minute cross examination (1:22:16)
8. Chris Rosebrough 10-minute cross examination (1:32:47)
9. Chris Rosebrough Closing Statements (1:43:12)
10. Jim Staley Closing Statements (1:46:47)
11. Joseph Farah Closing Statements (1:51:17)”

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