The Blueprint Ivor Myers ASI Convention

The Blueprint Ivor Myers ASI Convention

The Blueprint is a presentation given by Ivor Myers during a sermon at the ASI Convention (Adventist Laymens Services and Industries).  The Blueprint is God’s amazing plan of Salvation in the midst of the great controversy between God and satan.

Will you be a juror?  What is the big picture? Do we have a GPS to direct us in our work to help others?

Sermon Outline:  Coming Soon

Lucifer Covering Cherub – stood in presence of God, to guard the law of God, turned against the law

first war over the law of God

Lucifer deceived one third of angels Isaiah 14 I will be like the most high (righteous, holy, like He is, without God and His law, self righteous)

Lucifer and Angels cast out.  Why not judged immediately…Deuteronmy 19:16-19 whenever controversy a third party discerned between the two.

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